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big damn heroes - Went/Jensen

August 2009



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happy me

Yesterday was the best.

Katie and I were on our own in the morning, Jake had to work.

So we cleaned up the kitchen a bit and did some laundry and than we went outside. Where we remained for most of the rest of the day.

Jake's parents got her a sand and water table for her 2nd birthday, so we played with that A LOT.

And with the hopes that it would get a little warmer, we filled her nifty 2 section, w/a slide and sprinkler wading pool.

Which she promptly got in fully dressed.

Jake was home in time for lunch, which would have been nice outside, as we had just cleaned off the back deck, again. But the little missy was getting very sleepy, so we quick had a sandwich and all took a 2 hour nap!

The late afternoon was spent in the pool(which was freezing, but Katie and I insisted, she loves the "wadder") and grilling really awesome burgers (with the cheese and bacon in them already) for dinner.

We met Andy and Nikki for the fireworks and got to see their brand new house they just closed on. It was beautiful!

We were worried Katie would be scared of the fireworks, but she LOVED them! She babbled on and on about "Ooo, pretty, ooo, more!" And trying to guess the colors, until the finale when she wen't into a mini coma of Awe as she stared at the explosion after explosion of bright sparkly.

She fell asleep and we drank really good champagne on Andy and Nikki's front porch until it was time to go home. And before we went to sleep Jake and I even found sometime to ourselves; hint hint nudge nudge!

Great day!